Monday, 15 July 2013

kids'll be mature enuff n better equipped to deal with it all :S

kids'll be mature enuff n better equipped to deal with it all :S
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Monday, January 31, 2005
am feeling so happy/blissful/joyous/content!!! :D yay!!! God's grace fills my life tooverflowing!!!!! :D woke up today feeling soo thankful for all e pple in my life!! tt's all u mg n hc pple who i've been neglecting lately... i'm sorry, i love u guys sooo much!!!!! :D

ahh mummy bought a whole box of cny cookies!!! n their pineapple tarts're perfect!!!!!! they're mocking meeee!!!!!!!!!! :( :p
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Friday, January 28, 2005
g'morning world!!! :p haha i got home at 7 this morning! sigh.. mummy wasn't too pleased :( but last nite was -such- a precious time.. lyd n mel had e bright idea of baking cny cookies at ujin's place (personally, i'm starting to think tt we're just not cut out for baking.. shall stick to buying them from now on -grin-) we planned on making four diff kinds of cookies but only managed to make pineapple tarts n er.. a sorta fortune cookie kinda thing :p haha okay so they don't taste fantastic but we had GREAT fun doing it!!! we'd lyk collapse into hysterical laughter every now n then... i bet u've never tried friedpineapple tarts before!!! :p they're nice k!!! :p hahaha... we -finally- got it right at e end tho :) n making jem's farewell present.. omg.. we so shldnot have let lyd near e stuff!!! :p last night was so precious, i didn't want to leave, didn't want it to end (hence e reaching home at 7 am tho i wasn't supposed to stay over) it was so precious coz for once, all e girls there were my age, pple i've known for wayy longer than this.. lyd, becky, mel, jia... all my classmates at some point in time.. pple from -my- cohort... how precious is tt?? these are pple from my past, who knew me way back from before i even fully knew myself.. who're still in my life and who'll keep me from changing too much i think/hope :p i know i've been saying this alot but last night was just so so precious.. it was a gift i'm sooo grateful for!! *contented smile* n ujin'ssuper nice!! letting us have full run of his house and taking becks n me cycling tho he was dead tired n as jia put it, being so patient with and indulgent of us :p glen n jem n kai too.. actually they're all incredibly nice! :) it's scary sometimes, coz u wonder if it's too good to be true :p but i guess it's coz they're church guys n God just changes u to be more n more lyk Him la :) God is soooogood!!!! shall stop trying to get things on my own terms/by my own strength coz tt just produces strife n disappointment n frustration in my life! shall REST in Him once again :)

You've turned my mourning into dancing again
You've lifted my sorrows
i can't stay silent
i must sing for His joy has come!!!! *beams*
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
yyyaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! my comp's -finally- home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D gosh, i feel soooo deprived!!!!! haven't been able to come onl for over a week!! :( :( :( haha anw!!!! life's good!!!! :D coz God's sooooogood!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D omg i had -such- a big shock today!!!!!!! coz dlim called (tt was just e first shock) then he put someone on e phone n guess wad!!! it was jon teh!!! n i'm lyk OMG!!!! lyk omg omg this's so freaky la!!! so jon teh, terence n dlim're bunkmates... add in jy who's in e same platoon (i think.. not too sure, i get -so- confused over all e ns stuff :p) n lyk 3 of my vj classmates're in e bunk a couple of levels u la!!! lyk omg!!!!! how freaky/cool/shocking is tt?!!! hahahaha s'pore's just wayyy too small la!!!!

hahahhaa n yday was lyk damn funny!!! em, lisa, pris n guano wentmad!!!!! hahahah but em's always mad so tt's okay :p hahahha.. n i took a video!! i can blackmail them now mwahahahha :p

and once again, i don't know what i've gotten myself into.. somebody help me make sense of all this....
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
relevation during sun service!!! "For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteous, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit." :D n tt just set me sooo free!!! i am sooblessed!!! :D haha okay.. i had a whole lot of other stuff to blog abt but i can't remember what now :p
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Thursday, January 13, 2005
kinda sucks when really really urgent/impt/i dunno can't find e exact word stuff's going on in ur life n everyone else doesn't know so they're just lyk talking crap n gossiping n stuff n u're expected to join them but u don't feel lyk coz all of a sudden life's so much more than all tt.. tt it's now counted in hours, minutes, seconds and not a whole lot of years to float thru.. n of course it's not their fault coz they don't know.. how could they?? but i dun wanna tell them.. sucks telling e same thing over n over again.. plus it's lyk.. if i don't say it so many times, tt somehow makes e less real to me :p lyk...i can get away from e seriousness of it all for a while... just a little while....
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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
the joy of the Lord is my strength!! amen!!! :D yay God is sooo good!!!!!!! :D :D :D he brought my dad out of e icu today :D :D :D today started out kinda shitty.. but it ended really well!!!! :D haha oh man.. how cool.. alicia told me today tt i look radiant nowadays... n i was lyk reeeally.. esp since i was feeling so bad today.. haha it's the glory of God on me!!! yay thank You Lord!!!! :D u n me both yin!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

i'm really enjoying myself in sch nowadays!!! i'm amazed!! haha i still dun lyk e sch, e stupid kiasu admin (lyk c'mon la.. making me go for clao?!! lyk i'm so not gonna take clao again la!!!! n lyk somemore clao starts lykTWO frickin hours after my lessons end?!!! chi teachers're e scum of e earth!!!! grrr!!! :p) but my friends're incredibly nice!!!!!!!! :D :D :D i looovvveee all of u guys loads n loads n loads!!!!!!!! :D :D ohya.. i have bor-ing hair now :( just dyed it back... lyk seriously.. what's wrong with having dyed hair?!!! :S i hope e black dye fades soon!! -grin-

yay it's wed already!! can't wait for cg!!!! it's lyk i spend my whole week counting down to campus/cg n then... it's over too soon n e countdown starts all over again :( :p

i hope i'm serious this time :p
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